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  • The smart Pocket Gym 

  • 2 - 20 kg resistance

  • Adjustable via included app

  • Excentric mode available

  • Train anywhere, anytime

Your Gym in a Box

The fitness innovation of the year!
All inclusive! No subscription!

You can adjust the resistance at any time.
Just use the PUMP App, even during exercise:

In addition to the Standard Mode (classic Cable Pull), PUMP can also be switched to the modes Eccentric and Concentric. According to expert opinion, eccentric training in particular offers amazing advantages in terms of performance improvement in sports as well as muscle building and rehabilitation. 

With the current update we also have implemented the often requested Chain Mode. Fitness exercises with heavy iron chains are popular because more and more chain (= weight) is added with the movement.

So geht's

More than 100 different exercises:

With just one Unitree PUMP you can do over 100 different exercises, for example:
Biceps – Cable curls  |  Triceps – Triceps extension  |  Breast – Butterfly  |  Latissimus – One-armed row  |  Trapeze – Bent Lateral Raise  |  Shoulder – Front raise  |  Belly – Crunches on the cable  |  Legs, butt – hip stretches
In the PUMP Fitness App, all exercises are explained and shown in detail and can be combined into complete workouts.

Check out the full video:

Unitree PUMP All-In-One Pocket-Gym

Unitree PUMP All-In-One Pocket-Gym

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PUMP Innenleben.png
Vector Magnet Motor


The technology of the PUMP comes from UNITREE, a market leader in robot engineering.

PUMP Pocket-Gym

A complete Gym in the Box

700 grams lightweight

Robust design

Patented technology

Easy & safe to use

Zuhause Fit bleiben mit PUMP.png
Train and stay fit anywhere.
At home, on trips, wherever you are.

PUMP can be set to a weight or resistance between 2 and 20 kg for each exercise via the integrated app. This makes PUMP the ideal training device for women and men of all ages - from beginners to "bodybuilders".

PUMP Fitness App
Includes PUMP Fitness App.
Lifetime access - no subscription!
Individual training plans
Exercises for all muscle groups
Detailed instructions
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